Based in London and Hastings german/lithuanian



Working in the expanding field of photographic media Aßelborn’s work currently explores the conflictions and visual codes that the body as still image carries. The work is always interested in different cultural or social dependencies and expectations. It experiments with obstructing and distracting the initial view to create a sense of curiosity, challenge the idea of desire and seeing the image and the body as a whole.   



For that it is the body of sale that is seducing with depravity in colour that interests Asselborns visual urgency. Her research focus lies within the conversation we could have about the fetishization of the physical image through its immediate objectification. But also the more sinister side of the relationship with imagery that is inspired by feelings of alienation isolation and trauma. 


The mixed-media work considers the sculptural element of the photographic image, while reflecting on the vulnerability developed through the body exploring space and interacting with it as object. Materials such as perspex, acetate, light gels and mirror are used in enticing colours to encourage the viewer to activate the work by moving around room installations.  




2019-2021: MA Photography, Royal College of Art 

2016-2019: BA Fine Art Practice, University of Brighton 


2021: Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland

2020: Southwark Park Gallery Online Exhibition

2020: WIP Show, Royal College of Art 

2019: Summer Show, Solaris Print, St Leonards on Sea 

2019: Rising Talent 5, Hastings Arts Forum, St Leonards on Sea 

2019: Tonic, 5th base Gallery, Brick Lane, London 

2019: Chaos, Hastings Arts Forum, St Leonards on Sea 

2019: Hastings Degree Show, Hastings College 

2019: The Kino Teatre, St. Leonards on Sea 

2019: Humans Inside Out, Crypt Gallery, Hastings 

2018: Open Studio: Athena Standards, Athens, Greece 

2018: The Curve Show, Curve Gallery, Hastings 

2017: The Stade Hall Show 2017, The Stade, Hastings 


2018: In Dreams, 2018, Crypt Gallery, Hastings 

2017: Stade Hall Show 2017, Hastings 


Work Experience: 

2017-2019: Curatorial Internship, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne 

2017: People, Objects, Places, De La Warr pavilion 



October, November. 2018: Studio residency, Athens Standard Residency, Greece 



2018: Athena Standards Residency